Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath Healing Sessions

First you'll get comfortable on the healing table in which I will already have grid with crystals below. I sage your aura, and and then begin playing my Reiki infused Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls. I'll do distance Reiki on each chakra, and cleanse your aura with my master crystal while I play. At the end of the session I play my newest addition, a beautiful 34in gong I had custom made by Grotta Sonora in Italy. After I will gently bring you out of the meditation. We will have a conversation about how you're feeling, different forms of meditation, visualization, breathing techniques that you can use, and any other spiritual guidance you may need.

$75 for 30 mins (*Total Session time 45 min with spiritual guidance)

I normally suggest these as a tune up and refresh in between full sessions

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