Full Distance Healing Experience

Energy is everything and can be sent and felt no matter what the distance! These sessions are done on Zoom.

We will begin with a short conversation about how you're doing and what intentions you would like to focus on for your session. We will also take a moment to sound check to make sure the sound is working perfectly for your session. I will start by connecting to your energy and opening up a Healing Chanel for the energy to flow through. I will check in with your chakras too see which may be over or under active, and then you'll relax into a 20 min Reiki infused Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath including visualizations and breathwork for the chakras were working on. After the sound bath, when you're in a relaxed state, I will balance your chakras with my Master Crystal, send Reiki Energy, and cleanse your aura. I will gently bring you out of the meditation and after we will talk about how you're feeling, what I found, different techniques you can use on your own to continue the work such as crystals, breathwork, and visualization, and any other spiritual guidance you may need.

What you'll need:

A quiet comfortable place. Get some pillows and set a cozy space for yourself for your session. Light an incense, burn a candle, gather your favorite crystals, whatever you need to make your space feel sacred.

Headphones! These will give you the best sound quality for your sound bath! I use high quality mics so you can have the best experience even from a distance!

*This session will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes all together.


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