Full Healing

This is my most requested in-depth service, and the one that I suggest to start off with. First you'll get comfortable on my healing table, and I will clear your aura with some type of sage or incense and ground you. In this two hour long session I will start by gently guiding you into a meditation using my beautiful Crystal Alchemy sound bowls. After about a 20-minute sound bath I will check your chakras and see which ones may be overactive or under-active, and I will place crystals on your body accordingly. I will then activate your chakras with my Master Quartz Crystal. Once I see what's going on with your chakras, I will begin giving you Reiki. I will be paying extra attention to those chakras that need it more and any other areas that I feel need energy. Calming music will be on in the background and I will continue playing the sound bowls at certain times throughout the session. I also use essential oils made to connect with the chakras. As we finish the session we will close up your chakras and aura. I will also comb through your aura with my Master Crystal to rid of any stagnant energy and strengthen your aura, casting out what no longer serves you. At the end of the session I play my newest addition, a beautiful 34in gong I had custom made by Grotta Sonora in Italy. Then I will gently bring you out of the meditation. We will have a conversation about how you're feeling, what I found, what crystals we used on you, different forms of meditation, visualization, breathing techniques that you can use to Open up or bring in more energy to the chakras that need it, and any other spiritual guidance you may need.

2 hour session

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